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Plastic Bottle Manufacturer, April 2013

B7 provide £500k rescue finance facility within 5 days.

A distressed bottle manufacturer was seeking a funding partner and equity investor able to work with management to stabilise and grow the business.

B7 introduced just 5 days prior to making facility available. We were attracted to the possibility of owning a bottling manufacturer given the volume of plastic bottles used in our other portfolio/associated businesses. Without the funding the business would have failed. B7 took the view that to fund on a controlled basis gave us the ability to run further due diligence under more stable conditions.

Due diligence ultimately ended with our concluding that a better long term home for the business was with a trade partner who could integrate horizontally. Working with management's advisors (Resolve Partners), b7 supported the refinancing of the company's ID facility to Pulse and continued to provide funding during the transition to an equity investor identified by Resolve. The business now continues to trade forward solvently, has renegotiated with HMRC and has the benefit of being part of a larger trade group.

B7's funding and our support of management and shareholders during this period facilitated this change of ownership and refinancing and has put the company on a stable footing.


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